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There is a lot of misinformation about Cannabis in the market at the moment.

From traditional mainstream propaganda that tried to demonize the plant for nearly a decade.

To people capitalizing on Cannabis and misguiding others without knowing how the plant actually works.

Or at least, taking the time to learn and understand how it works so they can provide useful guidance.

In effect, the general public has either a negative or misguided default-view about Cannabis.

Either one of these distorted views automatically rules out Cannabis and any therapeutic benefit it provides.

This is a problem because this makes people:

  • Suffer from side-effects of other pharmaceutical drugs they don’t have to take
  • Take forms of Cannabis incompatible with their condition creating unreliable results
  • Lose hope that Cannabis can help alleviate their condition better than most pharmaceutical drugs

The good news is that the rise in anecdotal stories and clinical trials has begun to counter the negative view and misguidance giving rise to the demand for honest answers.

Thus, HempNerd.co was created to bring to light the clear-cut truth about Cannabis and its therapeutic effectiveness.

HempNerd’s goal is to educate and empower you with science-backed information about Cannabis, so you can get reliable therapeutic results.

HempNerd.co publishes:

  • Breakdowns of scientific studies investigating the therapeutic effectiveness of Cannabis
  • Anecdotal stories of patients and doctors leveraging Cannabis for therapeutic use
  • Condition-specific recommendations on the best forms of Cannabis to use

So, with that said, welcome to HempNerd.co.