Cannabis has been misunderstood for a long time. Traditional mainstream propaganda tried to demonize the herb for nearly a century. Opportunists today capitalize on the cannabis gold rush by selling to patients without knowing how the plant truly works. Because they don’t take the time to learn how cannabis works, well-meaning patients get misled.

In effect, the general public has a misguided view of cannabis. This layers a negative lens on cannabis blinding people from knowing and leveraging the therapeutic benefits it provides. This is a problem because it causes people to:

  • Rely on pharmaceutical medications that have risk profiles from the pits of hell
  • Consume cannabis in dosages and forms incompatible with the condition they’re treating for
  • Experience less than desirable results due to lack of cannabis administration knowledge
  • Lose hope in the fact and truth that cannabis can improve their quality of life

The good news is that there is a rise in anecdotal stories and clinical data that is countering the stigma around cannabis. This is also causing a rise in demand for the truth regarding medicinal cannabis. Due to this, HempNerd.co was created to bring to light the truth about cannabis and its therapeutic benefits.

The goal at HempNerd is to help you shift from layman to expert regarding medicinal cannabis practical application (praxis). HempNerd desires for you to know how to use medicinal cannabis reliably to achieve predictable therapeutic results relative to your condition.

HempNerd.co-publishes content in the form of essays, lectures, articles, and videos that seek to:

  • Breakdown clinical data that investigate the therapeutic effects of medical cannabis relative to specific conditions
  • Breakdown of anecdotal stories of patients and doctors leveraging cannabis for therapeutic use
  • Breakdown industry news, stories, and topics that are shaping the medicinal cannabis industry as a whole
  • Recommend sound solutions that will help you achieve reliable and consistent therapeutic results with medical cannabis

We hope and trust that you work directly with pro-cannabis medical professionals before taking on any of our recommendations. HempNerd is NOT staffed by qualified practicing medical professionals. HempNerd accepts no legal liability or responsibility for any health decisions you make based on the information gleaned from our website.

HempNerd is a media company seeking the truth and publishing our findings. Please do not act on any of our content without first seeking counsel from a practicing pro-cannabis medical professional. With that said, welcome to HempNerd.co.


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